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The Best Baby Clothing

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If it’s time for a baby, it’s time for a party! Baby showers are the most awaited event of an expecting mother, which will gather up all he female relatives and friends. However, picking a gift for a baby shower can be a bit tricky. Should you buy a gift for the baby or the mother? Well, you can buy for any of them or even both.  So here are a few options for you to choose from.

Baby booties

These beautifully crafted shoes will be the perfect gift for a baby shower. These have been specially designed to keep baby feet warm and comfortable when they take those first baby steps. They are also designed to support growing feet, with adjustable straps. You can get them in various colours and designs to suit your taste.

Baby bouncer

This fun filled bouncy seat has it all. Blinking lights, sweet music and hanging play-things. You may find different themes in each bouncer. Some maybe jungle themed with little monkeys and toucans hanging, or even night themed with a moon a stars, or any other theme that you like, you can choose from many options. Make sure you buy a bouncer that is safe with a three-point restraint and also a comfortable pad for baby’s head.

Breastfeeding pillow

Gone are the days when mothers carry the babies while breastfeeding. This is the ideal gift for nursing mothers. It is a pillow that you could put around your waist so that your baby could rest on it while feeding. This avoids the strain on your arms by carrying the baby every time you nurse him. These can be simply washed and dried making it more user-friendly. Such a gift could be much valuable than gifting kids party dress in Melbourne, toys and other common gifts.

Baby pram

Prams can be the most awaited gift of all. There’s nothing more exciting than taking a stroll out in the park with a little one. Modern prams can be used at different ages of the baby. A rear facing pram for newborns can then be converted into forward facing prams so that the baby could have a look around and enjoy the view. Also make sure you buy a quality pram with safety harnesses and other measures. There are prams with pockets to put clothes such as boy shirt, shorts and even pampers along with bottles.

Play mat

This easy-to-handle play mat could be another good choice. With bright colours, dangling toys, a wind chime and a soft quilt would be the perfect mix for when you buy girls clothes online. These quilts are easily washable and are great to keep the baby occupied all the time. You could simply fold it up n take it with you anywhere. It would be ideal for a picnic too, for your baby to relax and have some fun filled play time.